Where did you grow up?
Oregon City, about 30 minutes outside of Portland.

Why OSU?
For several reasons, one of them being that I grew up in Oregon and knew that I wanted to stay within the state for school. I also wanted to major in engineering and OSU had the best engineering program in the Pacific Northwest.

How close are you to graduating, and what’s next after that?
I will be graduating in Fall 2018. I am fortunate enough to already have a job lined up after graduation. I will be working for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington.

What has been your favorite class at OSU?
As weird as it sounds, my favorite class was ballroom dancing my freshman year. The class allowed me to listen to music and de-stress from my engineering courses, while attempting to work on my coordination.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned outside the classroom?
Believe in yourself. As a female in engineering, I often get questioned regarding my ability or why I want to be an engineer. My major is less than 10 percent female and I will be working in an office where I will be the second female engineer out of approximately 25 engineers. I chose to be an electrical engineer because I enjoy it and as long as I believe in myself, I will be successful.

What’s your favorite place to hang out on campus?
Kelley Engineering Center or the Learning Innovation Center. Both have wonderful places to sit and work on homework. LINC also has beautiful views of campus from the upper floors.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in Corvallis?
I don’t have a favorite place in Corvallis. Instead I like to go adventuring around town and the outlying areas to explore and see things that I have not seen before.

Of all the things you could choose to get involved in on campus, why the Student Alumni Ambassadors?
I originally became involved with SAA by suggestion from (OSU Alumni Association staff member) Suzanne Phillips, but since then I have met several new people (both students and alumni) and I have had the opportunity to travel with other students across the country. Being able to meet people and become friends with other students who are not engineering students is one of the biggest reasons I enjoy being in SAA. Most engineering students have a similar mindset and it is nice to get to know people who are different from me.

What’s one thing you think would surprise alumni from 10 or 20 or more years ago about what it’s like to be an OSU student today?
I think the biggest thing (especially for those who haven’t been back to campus recently) is the amount of new buildings and the amount of technology in the buildings. Hardly any of my professors use a chalkboard or even a white board anymore. Most of the new buildings only have a document camera with projectors. Most of my coursework has some form of technology involved, i.e. professors uploading homework online and then being allowed to submit it digitally.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to a potential readership of 210,000 Beaver alumni and friends?
Thank you. Thank you for all that you all do to make OSU and Beaver Nation as wonderful as it is today. If it weren’t for all of those who came before me and those who support the university, I would not have been able to secure a job while I was a junior nor would I have been able to gain as many experiences as I have. I also want to thank my grandma for always being a Beaver Believer and believing in me.

Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) is associated with the OSU Alumni Association and is dedicated to enhancing the connection among students past, present and future. SAA members coordinate a variety of events and initiatives that integrate students and alumni across Beaver Nation. For more info, visit osualum.com/saainterest. (Photo by Hannah O’Leary)