Student Jamie Rand stands on a trail in the forest holding a net for catching insects with a backpack against his legs. There are flowers in the background alongside fallen old growth trees

Color of Happiness
Jamie highlights his aspirations studying Fish and Wildlife.
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Science Thumb

Science That Matters
Inspire solutions for climate change and renewable materials.
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Julie Green talking to students with a coffee mug in-hand.

Remembering Julie Green
Art professor Julie Green talks their opus, The Last Supper.
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Ocean Thumb

Explore CEOAS at OSU
The College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science awaits.
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Thai Thumb

Study Abroad at OSU
Rylie and Jessica's story of studying abroad in Thailand.
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Agriculture Thumb

College of Agriculture
Students, scientists, and educators alike succeed in AgSci.
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Alumnus posing left, mars rover on mars right

Perseverance to Mars
William Allen details his pursuit for Mars from OSU to NASA.
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Student sitting and smiling in-front of a cityscape, studing abroad

Creating a Green Future
Quinn, a Renewable Materials major, talks of her time at OSU.
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dog thumb

OSU Veterinary Hospital
Veterinary students and staff take pride in animal health.
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abroad thumb

Study Abroad: Forestry
Study, research, and intern abroad for a global perspective.
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forestry thumb

The College of Forestry
Experience endless growth while giving back to the planet.
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women in engr

Women in Engineering
Six women share their experiences in Engineering at OSU.
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Learn by Doing at OSU
Develop real–world skills at the College of Engineering.
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Student giving a thumbs up

OSU Chem. Engineering
Carly speaks on her experiences in Chemical Engineering.
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Nuclear Engineering at OSU
Lucia shares her thoughts on studying nuclear engineering.
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OSU Weatherford

Explore Oregon State
OSU proudly supports over 400 student groups and clubs.
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OSU Memorial Union and Beaver Symbol

OSU and Corvallis, OR
Corvallis ranks among the best college towns in the PAC-12.
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Blue Whale

Blue Whales Surfacing
OSU students utilizing drones to study blue whale behavior.
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oregon state university science student with owl

OSU College of Science
Pursue science that matters wherever the questions lead.
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oregon state university, college of engineering student

Learn by Doing at OSU
Engineering students engage in research, clubs, and more.
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