Welcome to OSU Combined 5 part

Meet Fabi, Kelley, Kellie, Jay and Ali, students at OSU.  Hear from them what being at OSU has been like for them.

Welcome to OSU Corvallis

Ali brings a whole different perspective to what Corvallis and Oregon are like.

Welcome to OSU Academics

Jay talks about his journey and the academic side of OSU.

Welcome to OSU Student Life

Kellie shows many of the things students can do outside the classroom at OSU

Welcome to OSU Research

Kelley provides her take on undergraduate research opportunities at OSU.

Welcome to OSU Campus

Fabi gives her account of what the Corvallis campus is like.

One of the Best College Towns: Corvallis, OR

Oregon State University is regularly ranked as one of the safest, smartest and most bike-friendly campuses in the nation.

Getting Out There: Deschutes River

Our students share their favorite spots in Central Oregon. Lilly's is the Deschutes River.


Getting Out There: Smith Rock

Our students share their favorite spots in Central Oregon. Check out Smith Rock!


Getting Out There: Downtown Bend

Our students share their favorite places around Central Oregon. Nikita shows us Downtown Bend.


Getting Out There: Sparks Lake

We asked our students to share their favorite spots around Central Oregon. Devon's is Sparks Lake.

Getting Out There: Mt. Bachelor

Our students share their favorite spots in Central Oregon. Michael's is Mt. Bachelor.

OSU-Cascades Tour

Take a quick tour of OSU-Cascades.

How do you pronounce local and campus names? We asked our new students.

During Welcome Week, we asked our new students to pronounce some local and campus names. It's not easy!


Oregon State teaser

See a 30 second taste of student experiences at Oregon's largest research university

Students at Sea

Undergraduates from the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State sailed on the open ocean aboard R/V Sikuliaq while conducting a full spectrum of oceanographic research.

Oregon State College of Science. One degree in science. Endless possibilities.

Driven by an intense curiosity to understand how life and the universe work? Join #TeamScience.

A Leader in Outdoor Adventure and Tourism Education

Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership is a popular pursuit at OSU-Cascades, OSU's branch campus in Bend, OR

The Adventure Leadership Institute

Adventure Leadership Institute at Oregon State University. Canyoneering is just one of the adventures students can participate in while at OSU.

College of Business InnovationX

Welcome to InnovationX, Oregon State’s hub for student entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers.

Student Profile: Arianna

Some students tiptoe into their college experience. Others hold their breath and plunge in. 

Experience Oregon State Athletics - Go Beavs!

Pac-12 Athletics are an exciting part of being a member of Beaver Nation!

Dam Worth It

Student athlete Nathan Braatan is building awareness about mental health issues by taking the program he started with gymnast Taylor Ricci and rolling it out to the entire OSU campus.  Learn more about this national award-winning program.


Your Path Starts at Oregon State

With over 400 student groups and clubs, OSU in Corvallis is a traditional college town experience.

OSU-Cascades Student Life

Bend is Central Oregon's playground.  See what OSU-Cascades students do for fun.

Biochemistry student pursues research alongside leading scientists

Already as an undergraduate, biochemistry and molecular biology junior Marissa Gallegos is making an important contribution to science. Mentored by top scientists, Marissa is collaborating on developing a treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease.

Meet a Science Major: Vivienne Ruiz, Zoology

Hear what Vivienne has to say about why studying zoology fits her interests and how the hands-on activities enrich her learning.

YinMIn chemistry diagram showing new colors

Subramanian’s lab rocked the pigment world in 2009 with the accidental discovery of YInMn blue, the irst blue pigment discovery in two centuries and a huge advance in safety and durability as well as vividness.

Full story here

What it means to be an undergraduate researcher

Research is more than lab coats and pipettes.

The Power of Adapted Physical Activity

Growing up a multi-sport athlete and playing collegiate football, Winston Kennedy, DPT now inspires patients and students in Oregon State University's Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Program.

Learn by Doing at Oregon State

See some of the ways that OSU engineering students apply themselves in clubs, research and more.

Behind the Scenes Tour of Engineering at Oregon State

Take a walk through the College of Engineering at Oregon State University.  See things not part of the regular tour.

Valentine's Day 2020

For Valentine's Day Oregon State students spread the love by passing out free hugs.

DAMchic Fashion Show: Winter Launch Party

DAMchic magazine launch party. These fashion shows happen once a term and are all created by OSU students.

One of the World's Best Oceanography Programs

OSU is home to one of the world's best Oceanography programs. Oceanographers study all aspects of the marine environment and how it interacts with and influences planet Earth including humankind. We do this in diverse environments – from coastal mangroves in the tropics to the ice-covered polar regions.

Blue Whales Surface Feeding

OSU researchers used drone footage to describe how a blue whale feeds on a patch of krill at the surface.

kenneth htet

Meet Kenneth Htet, student alumni ambassador.

alexandria pompel

Meet Alexandria Pompel, student alumni ambassador.

maham haider

Meet Maham Haider, student alumni ambassador.

Day in the Life of a Biology Student

A senior in Biology describes what a typical day looks like.

Tereza Markova

Meet Tereza Markova, student alumni ambassador.

mathew hawkins

Meet Matt Hawkins, student alumni ambassador.