Where did you grow up?
I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, “City of lights,” a city that literally never sleeps. At the age of 10, however, I moved with my family to New York City, another city that never sleeps. Karachi and New York are both very diverse and fast-paced. I would highly credit these cities for my confidence and adaptability.

Why OSU?
I have always lived in big, crowded cities. Although I have greatly enjoyed my experience, I wanted something different. I fell in love with OSU. It has a beautiful campus, a lot of different programs and it’s a small, peaceful college town. Exactly what I was looking for.

How close are you to graduating, and what’s next after that?
Although I’m a senior, I am planning on doing a fifth year, as I need more credits to sit for the CPA exam. I have applied to some audit accounting summer internships at companies I want to work for. Hopefully, I will be able to work full time for a company I land an internship with.

What has been your favorite class at OSU?
I have had a bunch of favorite classes that have helped me learn different but important things. My two absolute favorites have to be BA 213 and MUS 116.
I really enjoyed BA 213, which is managerial accounting. I took the class with Assistant Professor Kara Obermire. She is an amazing and dedicated lecturer. Her class encouraged me to get a degree in accounting.
Another class that I loved was MUS 116, the Native American flute class. I took the class with Instructor Jan Michael Reibach, and I can’t overemphasize its importance to me. It taught me so much about the Native American culture and history. I believe all OSU students should try to take that class if possible.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned outside your classes?
Friends and family make life easy and complete. I never truly understood the importance of friendship until I started university miles and miles away from anyone I knew. My experience as a student revolves around my friends and family. They are people I can count on and trust even in the darkest times. They motivate me to do better and be better.

Where’s your favorite place to hang out on campus?
My favorite place to hang out on campus is the Memorial Union. It accommodates all my needs from having good food options to finding a quiet place to study. I also really like that it’s by the quad; that way if the weather is nice I can simply walk out and enjoy some sunshine sitting on the grass.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in Corvallis?
My favorite place to hang out in Corvallis is my home. I live with my two best friends and we have an amazing time together. Apart from that, I love hanging out at the AMC Classic Corvallis movie theater. I am a movie-lover and deeply enjoy watching movies in the theater when they come out.

Of all the things you could choose to get involved in on campus, why the Student Alumni Ambassadors?
A friend of mine recommended SAA to me. Although when I joined I was simply looking for things I could add to my résumé, I ended up loving the organization. SAA became my family. I am now close friends with all of the current members. Some things that make SAA stand out for me are that it’s interactive and involved with its members and there is a lot of opportunity to grow within the organization. I started off as a regular member and now I am the VP of marketing. It also helps build connections and gives you the experiences that you will need in the future.

What’s an aspect of today’s student life that probably would surprise alumni from 10 or 20 years ago?
Oregon State has grown a lot as an institution while holding on to its core values. Diversity and inclusion are a huge part of the university. Oregon State has been able to preserve the past while also leading into the future.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to a potential readership of 210,000 Beaver alumni and friends?

Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) is associated with the OSU Alumni Association and is dedicated to enhancing the connection among students past, present and future. SAA members coordinate a variety of events and initiatives that integrate students and alumni across Beaver Nation. For more info, visit osualum.com/saa.