First generation college students like Diana Esparza come to OSU looking to expand their horizons and find success in their personal and professional lives. Oregon State offers a plethora of opportunities and experiences for students to see exactly what's out there.

Here's an excerpt from the article "Onward & Upward" from the College of Agricultural Science about Diana's time at OSU:

"I grew up in Hermiston, Oregon and many people don’t know where that’s located until I mention the watermelons. Eastern Oregon is very dry and there isn’t much to do here. When I moved to Corvallis, I was presented with so many wonderful opportunities to go out and explore. I love visiting the ocean, hiking the mountains or just working out in my free time. An unusual thing about me is that I’m a big Disney fan so something I really enjoy doing every chance I get is visiting my favorite place on Earth: Disneyland. Some of the best memories I have with friends and family have been at Disneyland so, once this pandemic is over, I hope to be able to visit again soon."