Anastasiya Berst, a first generation college student, came to Oregon State University from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to study Enology & Viticulture for a future in the wine industry.

Here's an excerpt from the article "Wine and Language" by the College of Agricultural Science on Anastasiya's student journey:

"My focus at OSU is Enology & Viticulture, i.e. winemaking, and that pretty much sums up my passion… wine! Wine is a direct reflection of the soil it comes from, and the climate that the grapes grew in. Every major region grows grapes and makes wine differently, so it’s also an interesting way to learn about cultural practices and history. I’m also very interested in studying foreign languages - it’s a big challenge to learn a new language, but every step of the way is rewarding in its own way. You get to talk to new people, learn about new cultures, and if you’re lucky, travel the world! Wine is made everywhere, and after college I hope to harvest wine grapes in different countries and practice languages!"